Creativity is elusive, not driven by mere effort or process. It is alive with human spirit, born from an alchemy, one part knowledge and two parts intuition. To deliver this elusive remedy requires the same deep and expansive curiosity, along with a driving passion, that drew men to the open ocean to discover new worlds. Like the ocean, there are depths and expanses of creativity that have yet to be explored. These deep water mountains of discovery and creativity are where we explore everyday. As the ocean is always changing and in movement, we seek change, we search for new shores, we continually dream of finding new reefs of creativity teaming with life, color and adventure.

Out of our explorations Open Ocean Creative develops original, compelling and innovative visual branding and strategic communication. Creative branding and communication that will have an immediate impact. Impact that will drive success.

It’s more than the way we create the wave. It’s why we ride the wave. We aren’t wallpaper artists. We aren’t your traditional corporate designer. We are impact designers. Our executive leaders demand results that work, and set the standard for success in our marketplace. We ignite the desire in our clients to grasp for the perfect wave.

The team at Open Ocean Creative includes people with great heart, people who love what they do and people who have a true desire to be the best. We were established with an eye for excellence. A place which respects its’ clients and listens to them. Whether working on initial concepts or putting the final touches on production, we want you to feel at ease knowing that a successful creation from the right team is in place for you. We believe that design is all around us, it is what we do with it that counts.