Open Ocean Creative

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National Office

We captured who National Office furniture is with a series of videos. One told the story of the individual who uses the

Desires Hotels Brochure

We created a brochure that highlighted each of the hotels within their portfolio. The brochure was a picture book that


We created the site with the urban look and feel. We wanted the design to be consistent with what we created for the

Contract Magazine Video

We captured and produced the video. The theme for the event was created from which we wrote the script and developed the


Built off of a peoples choice vote for the name and identity, OOC created a series of names and identities to match those

Bang & Olufsen

Project Binder for the A&D Market

Catalina Ad

We created an ad for the hotel that promoted and set the tone for the grand opening. The ad ran in Ocean Drive Magazine and

The Glenn Hotel

This identity was created for the first boutique hotel in the city of Atlanta. This high end boutique hotel was setting the

Strand Brochure

We created a fun, easy to send or take brochure. The brochure was designed to give a different message when it was viewed

Inn of Chicago

Located near Michigan Avenue in Chicago this once branded hotel was making a step out of the branded market and into the


We created an ecommerce based site that not only would show the product and highlight the brand but would give ease of use

Hotel Mela Brochure

We created a truly unique brand based brochure that used the circular shape of the identity as the main feature. Instead of

Inn of Chicago Grand Opening Invitation

This was not your ordinary invitation. The complete package included a brochure, reply card and a passport book to the event.

Lexis Nexis What If

We produced a short run video for a campaign that was being run by LexisNexis. The “What if” campaign was to use